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(Complete Home Inspection for Buyer)

Our most popular residential home inspection for single-family homes. We compile a complete analysis of the home’s systems and structures to determine its health & integrity for your life safety, asset protection and peace of mind.

Simple Pricing $444.00

Pre-Incident Plan

(Seller’s Pre-listing Inspection)

A Pre-Listing Inspection is for homeowners who are planning to list their house on the market, but have not yet put it up for sale.

Simple Pricing $444.00

Quick Knockdown

(Buyer’s Pre-Inspection)

A buyer’s home inspection done during your showing. This is a targeted inspection of select systems looking only for major defects to let you know if “the bones are good.”

Simple Pricing $195.00


(Warranty Inspection)

Most builders offer a one-year warranty on a new home. We perform a full home inspection before the builder’s warranty expires.

Simple Pricing $444.00


(Condo Assoc. & HOA Managers’ Inspection)

We can help HOA managers keep maintenance costs down by finding things early. This inspection keeps budgets low and special assessments at bay.

Simple Pricing $444.00

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After the initial inspection, we re-inspect focused areas to see if repairs have been made accordingly.

Simple Pricing $99.00

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